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Wed, Oct 21 2009

Someone may be scamming Mybillingservices.com--and also the rest of us

Folks, read your phone bills carefully. A charge from a third-party company was appearing on our monthly AT&T bill. When my spouse checked on the whole thing, it turned out that the transaction traced back to something at www.mybillingservices.com. In fact, there appear to be so many angry customers that there is a separate domain, www.cancelmyvm.com to use to cancel. The email given by whoever did the dirty deed was not my spouse's email, nor was it mine. All the person needs to set up the account is your address and phone number and then they provide whatever email address they wish. So you don't even get the confirmation.

My spouse is working with AT&T to prevent future issues, but AT&T personnal are having a hard time themselves with this scam. The customer service representative says that there have been millions of complaints. Most all these bogus services seem to have to do with an internet voice mail charge. If you see a similar charge on your phone bill, call the folks at the charging company and call your phone service provider.

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