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Mon, Dec 20 2010

Shining through the season

It's difficult to write during Christmas week. It's been more difficult than usual this year. One of my favorite people has been down with an intestinal bug and two other dear people are having surgery this week. Another lovely lady started a round of chemotherapy recently and is in my prayers. I'm completely behind on preparations for Christmas. A series of storms is passing through our area this week this and making a mess of every entry to the house. I've made only two of the planned ten or so batches of cookies on the list. Only a third of the cards have been mailed.

But the way the star shone on Bethlehem so long ago, goodness and mercy shine on us now. If I don't get all the words down this week, it's all right. There's a rhythm to life that shines through all the heartache and the unfinished tasks. Shining requires light. Think about that for a moment if you will. Light, in one form or another is probably the answer to almost all of life's difficulties. We have sunlight, laser light, starlight and twilight. There are catch lights, flashlights, highlights, fog lights, stage lights firelights and spotights. And then there is Light, capitalized, the One who really makes this season shine.

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Tue, Dec 14 2010

Red nose, red asterisk

A bit of a cold virus has slowed down my writing projects, along with almost every other project. It's funny how being a morning person works against you when you wake up with head cold symptoms. Your mind knows that morning is supposed to be the optimum time of the day for you, but your body reminds you that your throat has jet lag, your ears have overslept and your sinuses think they're on Greenwich Mean Time.

Since I'm having little luck in keeping up with things, please take some time to catch up on the Christmas light displays. Confirmations are being updated throughout the season. Look for the little red asterisks in front of listings.

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Thu, Dec 09 2010

The writer is in the details

I found out this week that if you generally come across as easy-going, then suddenly present a detailed plan of action to someone who is accustomed to being in control of situations, you can throw them completely off-balance for quite a period of time. It was all quite inadvertent on my part, but it's a good lesson in how writers can carry bring their habits of handling stories and characters into regular life with unexpected consequences that fire the imagination. And it reminds me that real people are always more fascinating than any characters writers can dream up.

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Mon, Dec 06 2010

Visual poetry and irony and all that literary stuff

Blogging is the first to suffer lately when writing time is pinched. It's really too bad, because I've seen a lot of visual poetry in recent days. There was the dark, dusty car up on blocks, sporting an expired license plate tag, parked beside a pristine white picket fence and perfectly trimmed front yard. There were "Mutt and Jeff" dogs being walked on a leash by our neighbor, with the larger dog straining to get close for a rub of the ears and the smaller dog holding back a bit, wanting to get in on the love, but fearful I wouldn't be as friendly as I appeared to be with his brother. There was the lady in the Denny's who was leaving with her companion as we ate breakfast for dinner, with her hair looking so professional, but her skin-tight pants making her ample derriere depart with more cheeky humor than seduction. Was that her intent? I suppose we dining types will never know. But when strangers exchange looks and smiles, it's a silent language that everybody understands.

Life is full of poetry and not all poetry is expressed well in words. And some visual poetic moments can be plucked from a day without adding up to what a day is really all about. But that's all right. Poetry is just as cheeky and ample as that restaurant guest's derriere.

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