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Thu, Aug 13 2009

Catching our breath

Are you old enough to remember playing ball in a vacant lot or riding bikes that had only one speed? Can you recall when portable transistor radios made us feel as though we had been let off a tether? I think of the old wringer washers and I look at the sleek washers we have now with programmable cycles and no separate rinse tub required. We really enjoyed the new technologies that made life easier and more fun. Are we doing the same now? I'm not sure. There are so many new things announced each day that sometimes I feel bombarded. I love the idea of being able to get things done faster or more efficiently, but I miss the fun of having time for a new toy to sink in before something else comes along and is claimed to be the newest, shinest, smartest gadget ever to hit the planet. I need to catch my breath once in awhile. Is it just me?

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Thu, Apr 16 2009

Working high-tech through low-tech

Today I got to visit with some friends at their workplace. Their jobs have them interacting with some of the basic communication infrastructure of our country and they use the most amazing materials to keep things going smoothly. I don't want to betray their trade secrets, but I was fascinated to learn that they sometimes buy components for security purposes right off the shelf at their local hardware store. The wildest innovation often comes along when creative people start playing with very old, very basic tools and materials.

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Thu, Dec 18 2008

Greetings, Earthlings (in space)

I just found out that we can send postcards to the Space Station for the holidays. A tip of the Stetson goes to local TV station KSBW for the tip.

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Wed, Dec 17 2008

Opposite of?

I caused my husband to give me a puzzled look last night when we decided to view the TV show called Fringe. One of the scientific terms that appears on their opening credits is "Dark Matter". I turned to my spouse and asked if there was such a thing as Dark Antimatter. I think he's still mulling it over. But I found out that I'm not the only one who has asked that particular question. I don't understand all the answers to these sorts of things, but that obviously hasn't kept me from asking the questions.

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Thu, May 08 2008

New birds

A dear lady sent me a tip that the Rochester (New York) baby falcons are hatching just in time for Mother's Day. Go have a peek at their RFalconcam and enjoy the show.

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Mon, May 05 2008

Congratulations in order

Congratulations to the Santa Monica High School students whose team won the Energy Departments National Science Bowl. More than 300 students participated in the competition. I hope newspapers will put these kids on the front page and shove the gang stories to the back pages. Let's lift up the kids who choose to do great things for a change.

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Fri, Apr 18 2008

We feel (some) of your pain

I'm sending good thoughts out to those of you back in the Midwest who got rattled out of bed earlier this morning with the 5.2 earthquake. The difference between the quakes back there and the quakes out here in California is that our quakes would probably not be felt hundreds of miles away. I do hope all of you will make sure you have things secured and will keep some extra supplies on hand. And for those of you considering a home with one of those lovely brick exteriors, please think carefully before you go with that particular feature.

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