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Thu, Jul 31 2003

If You've Got The Blues, Send 'Em In

Gather up those bits of blue Crayola crayons you have leftover from the past. The Crayola people want you to get in on the 100th birthday celebration by sharing your blues and helping build the world's biggest crayon.

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Wed, Jul 30 2003

Show Me The Money

All this talk about betting on terrorism and future shares and John Poindexter (who seems to be doing quite well in spite of his own past), started me thinking about what I understand to have been the "former logo" of the Information Awareness Office, which is home to the Total Information Awareness project--which has now been renamed Terrorism Information Awareness.

Someone saved the original IAO website with the dumped logo. And someone else started a gift shop using this same logo. Apparently the symbols on the logo spooked a lot of people--I heard references to "Masonic conspiracy" and all sorts of other comments. The Latin phrase on the logo, "Scientia Est Potentia" simply means, "Knowledge is Power." I agree with that statement, and I encourage everyone to add to their knowledge daily when it comes to the people they vote for (who, in turn, appoint other public servants as they choose).

And aren't the pyramid and the all-seeing eye on the dollar bill? Perhaps John Poindexter and the rest of his department workers just wanted to remind us that, in cases of corruption, cover-up, and terrorist activity, you can almost certainly "follow the money" and get most of your answers as to who's behind the trouble.

In fact, you can bet your bottom dollar on it.

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Tue, Jul 29 2003

We'll Always Have Hope

I found a great online exhibition from the Library of Congress. It features a different kind of war hero, who has now gone to his rest. Check out Bob Hope and American Variety.

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Mon, Jul 28 2003

Tailwind, Or Just Gas?

Do you like the food you get on planes? Is it enough? Is it tasty, or do you end up thinking the tray might have more flavor? Check out the photos and reviews of other passengers at AirlineMeals.net.

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Sun, Jul 27 2003

Watch That Last Step

I read some of the hints on treadmills before we got one, but I missed that last bit of information on this list. When you get off the thing after that first good session, you may feel completely off-balance for a bit. (Of course, some of us are unbalanced anyway, in every sense of the word.) I had to hold onto the rail and stand very still for awhile before I dared to navigate away from the machine.

Subsequent workouts seem to be inducing less of a cheap thrill that way.

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Sat, Jul 26 2003

Religious Freedoms

If current events or current political leaders have you concerned about your choice to openly observe your belief system, you might be interested in an upcoming event in Williamsburg, Maryland. This Religious Liberty Conference is especially useful for lawyers, pastors, and religious freedom leaders, but is open to anyone who pays the fee and attends. It's sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventists, but includes speakers from (among others) Williams and Mary School of Law, the CATO Institute, Baylor University and the Baptist Joint Committe on Public Affairs.

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Fri, Jul 25 2003

Jagger: Success At 60

I've been reading a lot of items about rocker Mick Jagger, who's celebrating his 60th birthday this weekend. Some news stories talk about the "in your face" achievement of this guy, who has outlived some of his fiercest critics. Other stories talk about how much money he makes, and still others mention how he's mananged to stay relatively "clean and healthy" in an industry often peppered with folks in one stage or another of substance abuse. But not too many of the stories mention the things he's done to share the success and the fruits of his hard work. One project is the themickjaggercentre.

I really like the idea of success being something more than a set of goals for the ego in a person. Lasting success should involve a natural giving back of wealth, and resources to others making the journey.

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Thu, Jul 24 2003

Blog With AOL

If you thought you couldn't do a blog because you use AOL, take a look at Dan Gillmor's blog, where he'll show you his test post using AOL Journals.

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You Want to Buy a Bridge?

You can find at least two here.

And if you want to live in a house that's part of history, one of these just might be your answer.

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Wed, Jul 23 2003

Playground Political Tactics

Did California's Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante really say "Liar, liar, pants on fire," to someone at the UC Board of Regents meeting? With California facing the possibility of a recall election regarding Governor Gray Davis, the list of potential frontrunners to replace him includes actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. And I'm fairly sure Cruz Bustamante would love a chance to have his own crack at the office.
Did you see Kindergarten Cop? I can just imagine a face-off between the two men.
Cruz (repeating above remark): Liar, liar, pants on fire! Arnold (repeating line from from Kindergarten Cop): SHUT UP!!!!!
Sounds like politics as usual to me--only a lot more honest.

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Tue, Jul 22 2003

Doctors And Patients And Bugs, Oh My!

While some doctors have fessed up and written articles such as this one, I continue to run into people who say they ask for (and receive) antibiotic prescriptions for colds and other viral ailments. Since even an occasional use of antibiotics kills bacteria (including good bacteria), why would physicians continue to encourage the use of drugs that have been shown to be completely ineffective in curing viral infections (and which include known side effects)? These might be good questions to ask a doctor any time we consider using these drugs.

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Mon, Jul 21 2003

Fabric Photos

If you want to make a different kind of display of your favorite photos, check out these printable fabric sheets from June Tailor.

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Sun, Jul 20 2003

Junk Food Pit

Do not go here when you're very hungry. Even the most vile of junk foods will make you salivate when it's been awhile since you ate a decent meal. And these people will tempt you with reviews of crunchies, gooeys, melties and stickies.

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Fri, Jul 18 2003

And the Award Goes To

Once in awhile it would be great fun to see someone like Sandra Camphor make the national wire stories list or show up on the front page of a major show business publication. Sandra's a drama teacher in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and she's igniting sparks for the future stars of tomorrow.

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Wed, Jul 16 2003

I Always Thought It Was Just Me

When you work from home, you are constantly distracted by dust bunnies, dirty dishes, newscasts, or people who drop-in (who don't work from home and who conveniently ignore the fact that you do). I feel much better now. Columnist Peter Leo says the same thing happens to him!

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Tue, Jul 15 2003

Utahns and Arkansans

The Salt Lake Tribune's report of a downed plane this morning caught my eye, not so much because of the story, but because of the use of the term "Utahn". I knew that people from my old home state were Missourians, and people from my current home state are Californians, but what do you call somebody from Connecticut or Wyoming? I found my answers at Geobop's Citizens' Nicknames Page, where they include US states citizens as well as folks in the Canadian provinces.

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Mon, Jul 14 2003

Got Calcium?

I keep hearing about the lies our government may have told us concerning the recent military actions in the Middle East. What about the lies we're being told by quite a few organizations and companies about the consumption of dairy products and calcium?

I do know one thing. If you don't read food labels, you'll consume a lot more dairy than you think you're getting. Hubby Ron is very sensitive to whey, which is a milk protein, and many labels that claim their treat to be "lactose free", upon further inspection, list whey as one of the content ingredients. If you're trying to avoid too much dairy in foods, you're going to have to take time to educate yourself.

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Sun, Jul 13 2003

Breaking Real Windows

There were kids playing ball in our neighborhood the other day, and their laughter was contagious, for awhile. The sudden sound of breaking glass, and the falling and shattering of more glass broke up the party in a hurry, and the kids got really quiet and waited for a parent to come out of their house and view the damage.

When kids play video games all day in front of a computer, there are no real consequences. You can shoot, spear, punch and mangle those computer-generated characters and never see anything but a general graphic representation of the destruction and blood. If you're "killed" in the course of a game, you simply hit a few buttons and try again.

Maybe it's a good thing when something real gets broken once in awhile in the course of play. The fresh air and exercise are great, and so are the lessons of cause and effect in the real world.

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Page Fright Abort

The only way to blog is to begin. There are all sorts of these blog things tossed all over the internet these days, and I suppose one more won't hurt. But I'd like to do something a big different from some of the blogs I've read. Somewhere in all the ranting and raving and finger pointing I'd like to deal from the deck some bright bits of kudos, and occasionally, a blazing streak of hope amid all the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Life isn't fair, and life is hard sometimes, but once in awhile a lightning bolt of an aha cracks with the power of truth and a hint of agape love that washes over a person and never lets life look quite the same again. Care to step into the abyss with me?

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