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Tue, Mar 20 2018

Was Your Honeymoon Horrible?

If you got stuck in an elevator or got lost in the Wilderness, you might consider entering the (oops! This former link to Thrifty has been requested to be removed. This entry has been updated as of 3-20-18). If you win,they have some nice prizes to give you a second chance at bliss.

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Mon, Nov 22 2010


A few days ago we traveled to a meeting at a Grange hall in a nearby county. As we were driving into the parking lot we saw an ambulance coming from the other direction. The area is somewhat rural, with twisty roads and lots of tree-covered hills. One of our companions waved us off to a smaller parking lot on one end of the building and we saw a man heading up the driveway to place a flare nearby. We looked up at the other end of the building to see an emergency vehicle and a helicopter in the parking lot. And we were told that a second helicopter was on the way. An accident on a busy highway resulted in multiple injuries and air transport was needed to get the people to a hospital in a timely manner.

The parking lot at this particular Grange building is perfectly situated for such emergencies, though the roads leading to it are tricky. It's a flat, open area, somewhat elevated above the hills and trees, with plenty of room for a helicopter's rotors. Both accident victims were transferred from separate ambulances into the two choppers and taken for treatment. The pilot and other crew members and the ground crews assisting were all top-notch in their coordination of efforts. I should also mention that we had stormy weather and wind in the area that day, so any air maneuvers were especially tricky. The people participating were professional in every detail and all went well under difficult circumstances. I want to give a shout-out to CALSTAR for its rescue work. These folks are very worthy of your notice and support.

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Tue, Jul 06 2010

Water, water everywhere and not pipe to run it through (or time to write about it)

The broken water main in front of our house has necessitated a bit of shuffling of the schedule in the last day or two. They're working hard on repairs and I'll (hopefully) be back to more regular blog posts soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the fine blogs listed on the right side of this page.

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Wed, Dec 30 2009

The day before the day before the first day of the year

The final Wednesday of 2009 is here. I suppose that makes it the hump day that trumps all other hump days of 2009. I write that tongue-in-cheek, but it's true. If we had anything we had to get done by the last Wednesday in 2009 we would be in big trouble right now. Fortunately, for anything that needs to be done by the absolute end of 2009, there's always tomorrow. I write that also somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but if we have a lot of things we're always scrambling to get done on the very last day of any given calendar year...well, we might want to think of starting earlier on at least one or two of those things.

That all brings me to the oft-dreaded New Year's Resolutions. I have a few that are mostly umbrella issues that cover a multitude of smaller issues. But the one specific I can tell you about for 2010 is the plan to write more fiction, more often. It's also a plan to finish more fiction, more often.

I'll leave you to your own devices that last day of 2009. Maybe you can mull over your own set of tasks that are either chasing you at the last minute or are ready to be set into motion for next year. I'll see you back here next year. Meanwhile, Happy New Year. May your endings from this year propel you to new beginnings for 2010.

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Tue, Dec 15 2009

Ka-ching, if they can keep the goods coming

I didn't skip blogging yesterday. I intended to post something in the late afternoon. Then My spouse came home and told me about a failed attempt to find some flameless candles for his work. He told everyone about a set we had found at Costco that included a timer feature. Everybody must have really wanted them because they made a special group trip to Costco at lunchtime. Sad to say, the candles have been selling out and they found none. So we traveled to another Costco location last night to see if we could find any. We found none. (You can apparently still order them online, for about twice the price we originally paid.) While we were roaming around the Costco neighborhood we stopped and got a bite at Arby's and took a quick look in Target, Kohl's, Walmart and even Bed, Bath and Beyond. We even made a stop at Pier 1 Imports, which I'm happy to report has returned to its roots with friendlier merchandise. One of the women who worked at that store told us that sales this holiday season are the best they've been in over three years. The down side is that stores could have sold a lot more holiday merchandise if manufacturers had made more. Demand has been too high for the lower inventories of this season. Shortages create hype (and vice versa), but if the bottom line is sales volume, they also create lower profits. This has been a tough transition year for manufacturers, distributors and retail stores. But people are out there, spending. If this mood holds, next holiday season is going to be a good one. As far as this year is concerned, if you don't have what you want in your hands right now you'd better hustle. Things are flying off the shelves in a hurry.

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Thu, Nov 05 2009

Fort Hood

I'm working on some organization material today and have not had much time to type. As I write this we have all just heard about the violence at Fort Hood in Texas. There are too many early rumors to comment further, but my heart goes out to anyone's family and friends who are suffering because of this. This incident is also a big reminder that our military families need support and prayer every day.

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Fri, Oct 30 2009

Sun-hogging priorities and priorities that never take hold

Every week has its challenges. I'm reminded of those roll-out carpets of flower seeds we used to see sold in magazines. You could unroll the carpet of seeds out and have a long patch of all kinds of wildflowers. The only problem is that some seeds make short flowers and some make taller flowers, with no way to know which plant is going to grow tall and get in the way of some other flower. And some seeds never germinate at all. In spite of one's attempt to make a nice flower bed with some degree of planning, it's still going to be a surprise as to what grows up and takes priority over other items. With a smile, I can say that this week life has been a seed carpet.

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