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Tue, Jul 22 2008

Where's the real, raw onion (and the Angus Burger)?

I rarely eat anything from Burger King. Last night we were exhausted after working and running errands and we decided to go get an Angus Burger, only to be told that Burger King no longer carries that product. Instead, we were encouraged to get a Steakhouse Burger glopped with cheese and bacon and some things poking out that were definitely not flavorful raw onion. There are apparently also versions with Ranch dressing or mayonnaise, the last of which makes me shudder when it's combined with a burger of any kind.

I hear rumors that what Burger King hoped to attract with the Steakhouse Burger were males, aged 18-34. On our trip through the drive-through last night, I didn't look around to see how many of those males were buying Steak Burgers. I wonder what Burger King executives think happen once a male turns 35 or when a customer is 55 and female? Do we not matter? I'd venture to say that we have as much, if not more, disposable income than a 34-year-old male. But, perhaps not. If they, in their wisdom, have deemed that our tastes are not worthy of their menu board, I'll concede. It's back to Taco Bell for me. I know what Taco Bell has, and if they don't currently have it, they will combine ingredients and make it for me anyway.

I hope someone tells the folks at Burger King headquarters that it isn't always about how fast the food flies out the window. It's also about favorite choices and customer service. If a company opts to keep whipping up a frenzy with new menu selections in order to draw in a whole new crowd, they also risk losing a portion of the old crowd. Youth is fickle, but older customers have memories like elephants and we know what we like. There are a lot of us around, but many will say nothing like what I'm saying here. They'll simply vote with their pocketbooks and go away.

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