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Fri, May 02 2008

Resting on the Sabbath

It's been a long, productive week. I always enjoy the Sabbath hours as they approach. It's as though I allow myself to take a wonderful gift and set aside a lot of the cares of the week. It isn't that those cares stay away for good, but it's still important to put them to the side and take time for some spiritual rumination and relaxation. Perspective can make all the difference in our lives and I find that perspective and insight that comes upon us in subtle ways is often as moving as those "Aha!" experiences that we have from time to time. And subtle perspective and insight often runs deeper and lasts a lot longer than a sudden lurch in our spiritual walk. Both kinds of experiences are important. But the weekly Sabbath time is like opening the door to invite that spiritual perspective and insight in like a trusted friend. I hope each of you who reads this finds that kind of deep relaxation from your own spiritual journey this week.

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