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Fri, Jun 29 2007

Lemmings for Farfour

The logic of this whole Farfour mouse character escapes me. If they chose to have (the character of) the Israeli official kill him off, doesn't that mean he's dead and can no longer teach or lead anyone to glory? Is the message for the children to let other people beat them to death, and if so, what's the point of continuing to live one more minute? Why not just ask someone you perceive as an enemy to beat you to death right now? You'll be martyred, right? But you'll never see Islamic rule here on earth. In fact, there won't be anyone left on the planet but the very people you all didn't want ruling the planet in the first place, because you'll have all gotten yourselves beaten to death. Because you wouldn't give up your land. To the enemy. Who will now take the land anyway and you'll be dead. Whose side are these goofy programming officials on over there, anyway?

I obviously missed some really big points of logic in this whole tale of woe. And by the way—what will the poor little kids—if they don't go out and get themselves beaten to death—think when they see the real Mickey Mouse running around smiling and happy and surrounded by smiling boys and girls? Will they think Farfour screwed up his martyrdom and had to come back to earth to start over again? All I can believe at this point is that these poor little children who watched Farfour get beaten to death have been brainwashed and abused by some adults they should have been able to trust for safety and love.

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Invasive plants

I was surprised to learn how many plants we commonly see in California are considered invasive. We had two patches of pennyroyal in our back yard that were very popular with visitors because of the heady scent they released whenever someone stepped on the plants. (They have since been covered over by a deck.)

I did know about eucalyptus trees, which are a common site along many highways and back roads here. Their leaves release a rather pungent scent when bruised, which happens a lot when large trucks come through and brush against the cascading limbs.

Yellow oxalis is a particular nuisance during the winter months, which comprise our rainy season. the plants grow with abandon while they are well-watered.

Nasturtiums pop up now and then in flower gardens. I had no idea they were considered invasive. I do know that a particular area restaurant often uses the flowers as part of its dessert presentation, since the blossoms are entirely edible. Bermuda grass is rampant in yards here. It loves heat and water, so it's not very active in the cool winters, but when you water the lawn during the summer the bermuda will thrive and snake its way through gravel, across pavement and beneath home siding.

Oleander? Iceplant? These have been commonly planted by highway workers in highway meridians and freeway embankments all over the state. It should be interesting to control or eradicate many of these plants. They've become familiar to us all and are even great favorites among garderners and hikers.

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