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Mon, Feb 23 2004

The Illegal Invasion We Have Now Threatens Homeland Security

There's going to be another war. And it isn't in Iraq or Iran (though they may have their share of conflicts). This war is coming to a neighborhood near you--especially if you live in an area where illegal immigrants are living and working and collecting food stamps (or other services). We are going to see horrid racial/ethnic battles over the illegal alien invasion in the United States, especially since a high number of illegal people come over the border through Mexico. Amercian citizens are angry right now. Some two and a half million people have lost their jobs in the last couple of years. They are angry over companies outsourcing their jobs overseas. They are angry over greedy money laundering and theft by corporation managers who already had income in the high six figures. And a growing number are expressing anger over the illegal aliens in this country who continue to pour in and get free services and bring in all their relatives to do the same. This isn't the same as the black/white civil rights issues that came to a head a few decades ago. Americans brought a lot of black workers in as slaves and many of the black citizens who live here now are direct descendants of those first workers who came against their will. Many of the people pouring into the U.S. now are climbing and scratching and sneaking to get in illegally and then taking low-paying jobs and going on welfare to make ends meet. The citizen resistance to these activities is building into resentment and anger, and at some point there is going to be violence. Mark my words. This is not going to be resolved peacefully. And the political leaders are not doing much to help the situation. They've thrown their hands up in the air and resigned themselves to it, and in some cases, have even worked to encourage it. Mike McGarry's recent article in the DenverPost said Bush's immigration proposal is an insult to the American people.

I watched part of the Fox immigration special report last night, and it would be easy to think that this issue is a media-driven one. But I see a lot of local resentment, and I live in a community that is largely Hispanic. The Mexican people who came here (or have been here for generations) and did it legally and have worked and owned land and made a positive difference in this community are as resentful as any "angry white male" at the handing over of U.S. and California services and privileges to illegal mobs. Citizen groups such as Civil Homeland Defense and Ranch Rescue are putting themselves on the front line over illegal immigration. The free-wheeling attitude of illegal workers married to the corresponding employers who are either outsourcing and offshoring higher-paying jobs to other countries or are hiring illegal farm workers at the cheapest rate possible is fermenting a backlash that will bring bloodshed. I can see it in people's eyes when they talk about it. They are angry and they are clenching their fists and getting ready to "do something" if the White House and state leadership won't. And I see neither set of leaders doing much at all. So we can expect trouble. It may not come today or tomorrow, but it will come. Insight On The News asks Do Borders Matter To President Bush? From what I've seen around me lately, it may already be too late to ask.

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